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I am going to Eastern Europe soon! I am leaving on the 11th of November!

 I apologise for my lack of posting recently, I’ve had shit internet access. Although I have it regularly now, I can’t actually upload anything so it makes blog entries somewhat pointless until we actually get the internet at home or I can be arsed walking all the way to Clambadden and poking the people’s internet over there.

British Flowers

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 A pretty flower near the Aber woods.

Poppy in Wroxeter.

Foxglove in Aberystwyth.


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so I’ve been living in Aber since the 31st of July, and I am already in love. It’s currently birthday in my birth timezone. But not in this one.

I’ve taken some photos of Aber so people can see the awesomeness and have something to relate to when I talk about this place.

Maisie and Hugh

Maisie (my mate from Canberra, my mum’s science student) one of my flatmates. The guy she is with is Hugh, and he is awesomely awesome. This was taken in the Ship and Castle pub.

Maisie keeps reminding herself that I am her science teacher’s daughter. hehe. Blame Hugh for my warpaint.

The house
The house I’m living in.

Mine and maisie’s room. well it’s actually maisie’s room…

Main drag

The main drag of Aberystwyth. My work is on this street and our house is quite near it.

My work.

Norse and Lemming

Norse and Lemming. The coolest people in all of Aber.

Sunset over Aber out of Mel’s window.

Mel in the woods.

View of Aber from hill near woods.

View of Aber again, closer to wehre we live with the college or something near it and possibly the castle.

Greetings all

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I have decided to make a dedicated blog to my trip! and this will be it, and hopefully I will be able to figureout how to make it all pretty and suchlike… unfortunately this computer doesn’t actually have photoshop or anysort of photo editing capabilities except for paint so this plan might fail abysmally until I get back…

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


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This was the day that I headed out to Aberystwyth!

Andrew drove us all out to Shropshire and it was lovely, we had lunch in the sun and I’d just been listening to Itchycoo Park which made everything massively happy and awesome. Then we went and saw the roman ruins at Wroxeter, and saw the cute little village there too. It was cute and british! ^^

Daddy and I at the Wroxeter ruins, I think this was taken in the inner courtyard thingy of the bathhouse.

View of the main bath rooms and entrance hall and changing rooms from the inner courtyard.

me in wroxeter! best t-shirt EVER!

Ooh, I could do with a nice hot bath. Damn those Romans! Bloody Romans!

The main entrance to the baths from the side of the collonade hall thingy…

great bit of ego-photography there, it got ME AND the background that I wanted in it. ph34r me!

And then what happened that day… we then drove to Shrewsbury so I could catch the train to Aber. We spent like half an hour following the signs in circles around the city trying to find the gorram train station. It was insane. Eventually we found it… and I was like an hour early for my train, so this old guy came and talked to me and he was nice.

Two small children thought it would be a good idea to talk to me on the train as they were sitting opposite me. They were asking me annoying questions as I was writing in my journal… or trying to anyway. They kept saying how I’d written lots and it was only a bloody page and … I can’t remember what else they said but I eventually let them write in the back of my journal and i have no bloody idea what the kid wrote it was incomprehensible.

Got to Aber that day and Maisie was at the station to pick me up. met Mel, Hairy Steve and Martyn (maisie’s boyfriend) whenI got to the house. Mel and Hairy Steve don’t officially live with us, but they might as well… Martyn, Maisie, Matt and Caity are the people in the house other than me. When I arrived Matt and Caity were not in the country. Although I have now met Matt. And he is cool. He has a great music collection. Everybody here does.

I can’t remember much else of what happened. I remember going to Wetherspoons for dinner and then going to Rocsoc… Rocsoc is a Rock society for the university where they play loud rock metal ish music very loud and everybody gets drunk. It was fun.

Dancing, Romans and religious artwork!

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On Sunday Andrew drove Bec, Brendan, Dad and I out to Downe House. Downe House is where Charles Darwin used to live. It was fucking awesome. To make it cooler the audio tour was narrated by DAVID ATTENBOROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111 whichis just cool.
we all went for a walk in Downe House gardens and Bec and I went slightly hyper and went off on our own and bec had a parasol which was actually a stick. Most of the car trip Brendan was reading “Confessions of a Working Girl” which Chelsea will know ALL about ;). Bec and I had great fun reading alternate words aloud in an attempt to embarrass Brendan.

The ultimate plan of the day was to go and see Leeds Castle, which failed as all the roads that we knew of that took us to leeds were blocked off. So, instead we looked at a Roman Villa instead it was very nice. First archaeological site I’ve ever seen and it made me very happy 😀  only problem was they didn’t have enough interpretation and suchlike on it so it was abit …lacking.

Then we heard that there was a castle just up the road from the roman villa, so we went for a happy little walk through the countryside… and then discovered that it cost like £6 to get in and we were like FUCK THAT SHIT. and went on a walk by the river instead. And there we found something awesome! The secret entrance to a troglodite society!

The entrance!

We figured that it was perhaps an old guardpost or a mausoleum or a really old pizza oven or something like that form the castle nearby as there was still all sorts other part ruined things about the place.

creeepy inside!

Indiana Jones! omg!

Then that night Andrew took Dad and I to Ceroc dancing. It’s like a jive thing. I am very very much not a dancing person… so the introductory lesson was heinous. I didn’t want to dance and i had to dance with all these strange old men and suchlike. on the occaision I found the dance moves to be a little too intimate for my liking with a random stranger. So the instant I could weasel out of it, I did. And promptly had some bourbon… The lady that ran it kept coming up to me and asking if I was ok and so forth. it was weird. Eventually she convinced Dad and I to go downstairs to the more one on one teaching session. Tehre were two proffessional teachers and only about six other people. This made it a much more respectable environment.  So I quickly went high and was my snarky smartarsed self to the teacher who was very cool. And then people said I was picking it up very well.

Then came the freestyle. I didn’t particularly want to dance. so, I got another bourbon. Then the teacher from the class came downand asked me to dance. so I had to down my bourbon and go out onto the floor. It was strange. They were playing Christina Aguilera’s Candy Man which I loathe, and then he kept spinning me and spinning me and there were flashing colourful lights so it was like a small trip or something.
Some other people danced with me that night too, but the teacher danced with me like 3 times all up. He was cool, the second time he asked: “Are you feeling adventurous?” and when I said yes he asked me how my back was and i told him it was fine and the next thing I know my legs are wrapped around his chest and I am hanging upside down!!!! It was the COOLEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD. And of course I screamed with delight for the next five minutes. Apparently he wasn’t supposed to do those advanced moves wiht me but I didn’t care cause they were fun and my back was not at all damaged by them!  Dancing can be fun, I have decided, when I can actually let myself let the man lead. Letting someone else lead is a very strange thing.


This day Andrew didn’t come out with us, but Dad did. We first went to the Natural History Museum, which was utterly packed. It was dreadful. We ended up seeing the dinosaurs and like mammals bit and that was it becuase there were too many people it was awful. Dad then decided he was going to go off and get Andrew and to find the British Museum. We were going to find the BM later… First we were to walk the length of bloody South Kensington to find a bloody fish and chip shop. (Come take a walk in Sunny South Kensington, any day of the week… See the girl with the silk chinese blouse on, you know she ain’t know freak mmhmm) so we then went into Leicester Square and went to a pub there. We had a couple and a massive meal of fish and chips.

We couldn’t find “bloomsbury” which is where we were told the British Museum was, so we gave up on that plan and went to the Art Gallery just down the road instead. It was highly entertaining. Never have I had so much fun in an art gallery before. It was all like Renaissance religious art type stuff. Bec and I went totally high… making commentary on each picture the whole way through it was great. Brendan spent most of the time sort of glowering at us because we weremaking a racket and making it at religious artwork. But we eventually made him squeak which was excellent.
We thought of the best little song and dance number to go with this one painting. Jesus had both his hands to one side, possibly being nailed to a tree or something… who knows but it looked like he was doing a dance, with the song to match:

“Do it thiiss way,
Do it myyy way,
For I am jeesuss”

We then proceeded to do that song and dance while on the tube. it was great.

Then we went and organised their stuff for their contiki tour of europe for the next day and i sat on the internet and looked at long anticipated emails from beloved Steven.

then we went to the pub and got mildly tipsy. I missed my train, so I had to wait around at Charring Cross station for like half an hour all on my own at 10.30 ish at night… and then by the time I got out to Hayes it was almost midnight. And I walked through hayes ALL ON MY OWN! I was very proud. I didn’t get mugged or anything. I wasn’t terribly scared either. I just put the hood up on my Canada hoodie and looked butch!

Then Maisie told me that London had just had a HUGE knife crime scare, and that I was incredibly lucky even though Hayes is like the outer ‘burbs of London… So I now feel hugely brave and shit.

but this sucked slightly as I had to get up very early the next morning so that I could go to Aber…

Tower of London, Greenwich

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The day after I arrived in London, I got to meet up with Bec and Brendan! It made me so happy to see mates from school again! It was fantastic. We met in Leicester Square and went to see the Tower of London.

Oh it was great,we spent ages in the Tower. I loved all the horsie armour and the weaponry the best. It wasn’t quite what I had expected. I had expected it to be a proper tower with many more rooms filled with torture and suchlike.

The tower of London stuff surrounded by immensely medieval surroundings. 😛

The White Tower? I wasn’t paying paying much attention.

The line to see the crown camera couldn’t get it all.  We didn’t see the crown jewels.

The Raven Guard.

Sexy plushie guards!!


I don’t remember at the moment what else we did that day.

The next day we went out to Greenwich with Bec and Brendan. It was fun. This was the first time Bec and Brendan had met Andrew.

We looked at the house of Queen Anne and suchlike and the royal naval colleges.

the house of queen anne. Unfortunately tourists got in teh way of my pretty shot.

Naval Colleges, with Queen Anne’s house behind them.

Brendan, me and Bec infront of a statue of… a guy. I don’t know who it was.

Andrew in front of said statue.

Inside one of the Royal Naval College buildings.

OMG. Greenwich meridian telling us about CANBERRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we went on a cruise down the Thames and we had this hilarious southerner narrating the cruise and he talked funny!!!

Obligatory Big Ben photo!!

Millenium Wheel… exciting. We didn’t go on it as £15 or whatever was a little… expensive.

Then we went to the Notting Hill Markets and it was fun and I bought things and wanted to buy more and I found the best hat in the world but it was £25 …

Then we split up from Bec and Brendan and we went to the Globe to see “Holding Fire”. We went Via St Paul’s Cathedral.

Obligatory self-taken photo.

So yeah, “Holding Fire” was cool, it was all William Lovett and his lot. and they all did strange accents. And we were in Standing room and they had like awesome people in the audience and it was cool. There was a guy in the Audience who looked JUST like Guy Fripp. It was freaky!  We got rained on too.

outside the globe.


Then we walked the streets of London late at night to London Bridge Station and we got seperated from the rest of the group heading for the station adn I got mildly freaked out… but we got home ok so it was ok.

So there!